Volunteer with The Help Hub

Frequently Asked Questions


The HelpHub connects trained therapists and counsellors with people who need mental health support but have been unable to access NHS or private therapy for whatever reason.

We have a simple application process and an easy-to-use online scheduling system that enables you to offer as much or as little time as you are able.


How to volunteer

If you are a trained therapist or counsellor and are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the expression of interest form at www.thehelphub.co.uk/volunteer

We will then send you an email with questions about your qualifications. These will be checked with the relevant governing bodies.

If you fit our criteria, we will send you a welcome email along with guidelines on how to conduct sessions and an invitation to join our scheduling system. This allows you quickly and easily to enter your availability to take video or call sessions.

We will also invite you to join our Volunteer Facebook Community, a closed group where you can access useful and relevant materials and share experiences and feedback with other HelpHub volunteers.




What age groups do you support?

The HelpHub was originally set up to support adults over 18 years of age. We are now setting up a new pilot scheme in which we will also offer online emotional support to young people of 11 and 18 years old.


What is your catchment area?

The HelpHub was originally set up in Oxfordshire at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and expanded rapidly to work with volunteer therapists and clients all over the UK. We have now refocussed our work to help people in Oxfordshire. The new pilot programme for 11-18 year olds is funded by West Oxfordshire District Council and focusses on West Oxfordshire.


Do you provide supervision?

Volunteers are required to have their own supervision in place. We offer volunteers support in the form of the Volunteer Facebook Community (see above) and we are looking into the possibility of offering supervision in the future.


Do you provide insurance?

No, volunteers need to ensure they have their own insurance in place.


For further information on the Volunteering Process please contact info@thehelphub.co.uk