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Frequently Asked Questions



What age groups do you support?

The Help Hub is able to offer online and face to face counselling to adults (18 years old and over)


How do you book an appointment?

To book an appointment, please email info@thehelphub.co.uk and our Programme Manager will be in touch. 


What is your catchment area?

The Help Hub has now refocussed our work to help people in West Oxfordshire, and is currently taking clients from villages and towns surrounding Woodstock within the county.


Where do I attend my appointment?

All face to face appointments currently take place in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. 


Who will my counsellor be? 

The first session booked with The Help Hub will be taken online (via Zoom or Teams for example) by a qualified therapist. They will take you through an initial consultation lasting 50 minutes. Following this appointment, if you would then like to continue to face to face or further online sessions, you will be placed with an appropriate trainee counsellor. 


How much do sessions cost? 

Appointments are charged at £40 for a 50 minute face to face session. Appointments are booked in blocks of six, and are charged prior to the first session. 


Do you provide supervision?

All of of our Trainee Counsellors have their own Supervision in line with their course requirements. he Help Hub also offers monthly online Supervision.


For further information on our service please contact info@thehelphub.co.uk