About Us

We are a group of qualified therapists who are here to listen and support individuals who find themselves needing immediate access to mental health advice.

What we do

Our mission is to ease the detrimental mental health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and, through qualified volunteer Psychotherapists and Counsellors, offer free online emotional support to all UK adults.

Who we help

The HelpHub was set up by psychotherapist Ruth Chaloner in April 2020.  Originally Ruth’s intention was to support people who were on a waiting list for NHS mental health support or couldn’t afford private therapy, but when the Covid-19 crisis started she rapidly adapted the service to provide free emotional support for people suffering during the pandemic.

Available to anyone in the UK, the HelpHub is helping those suffering from anxiety, loneliness and isolation.  Some are fearful, worried about their health or their loved ones.  For those who have been bereaved, perhaps without being able to say goodbye in person, it may be hard to start the grieving process, especially far from family and with funerals being delayed.  The HelpHub enables people to speak to someone who knows how to listen to their fears.  Through the website, people book a twenty-minute appointment to speak to one of over 800 therapists, all of whom are volunteering their time and expertise to ensure the HelpHub can provide a free service.

As a therapist herself and from her experience of the effects of the pandemic, Ruth felt it was important to engage qualified therapists to respond to people’s need for emotional support.  Therapists are trained to listen, to reflect back; they know how to help people through trauma, they can also encourage them to open up about feelings and reach out to people around them.  Although many of us are not good at saying how we feel, it is important to externalise these feelings or they remain buried and can cause psychological damage in the long term.

The HelpHub has a capacity to provide 2,500 free, online emotional support sessions each week, across the UK.