Supporting those in isolation...

If you would like to book a call or video call, please fill in this very simple form. A volunteer therapist will contact you at the allocated time. PLEASE NOTE: you can book a call as many times as you like if there are available bookings, but you will not get the same person each time.

It’s fine to book for someone without internet access, you will receive a follow-up email asking for feedback, it would be great if you could collect this for us – we are working to continually improve our service and your feedback is very important.

By accepting this appointment, I agree:

1.  I agree to be potentially contacted after my call by a qualified therapist who may ask if I would be willing to give some feedback about my call. We ask this so that we can randomly test our service and ensure we are providing the best service to all.

2. If I have a complaint about a call, I will email: Our complaints policy can be found here.